I’ll believe it when I see it…

This is where I stand regarding the evolution of the OU/Texas move to the SEC.  I’ve seen this movie before.   Granted, this situation is much further down the road than in the past and the secrecy regarding the matter would make NSA proud, but still…let’s take a breath and see what happens.      

There are two major stumbling blocks.  Both those issues come in the form of Aggies.  Texas A&M has dominated Texas high school recruiting since they made the move to the SEC and those guys are not going to let go of those advantages without a fight. 

Then, we have our own set of Aggie problems as leaving OSU behind would be a major culture shift for this state.  Additionally, OSU has been sponging off big brother for years and they won’t know what to do with themselves if they must go it alone.     

Here’s the deal…The SEC only needs consent from 11 of 14 teams to approve the move, but in issues of this magnitude, league officials really want a unanimous vote.   And, as we know, Texas A&M will never approve the move.   On the Oklahoma front, OSU controls things politically in this state.  From the governor’s chair to the legislature, Aggies oversee state politics.  Getting over that hump will be a major hurdle. 

Finally, about OSU…I find it interesting that Iowa State is talking to the Big Ten.  West Virginia is apparently headed to the ACC.   Baylor, TCU, and Texas Tech have contacted the Pac 12 about possibly moving west.   That leaves only the Kansas schools, that nobody wants and OSU.  OSU has been eerily quiet through all of this.  This adds to my caution about jumping the gun…

In any case, the next two weeks will be some kind of interesting. 

Boomer Sooner…

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