I know that’s so obnoxious, but like it or not, we’re now part of the hype.  By the way, I was wrong about believing that OU would never get away from little brother.   From all accounts it appears that it will happen.  The only thing left to discuss now is when.  The end of the current Big 12 will be when the current t.v. contract runs out in 2025 or as early as next year if certain things happen.  

Given Bob Bowlsby’s current bluster and the desperation of the current Big 12 dwarfs, I don’t see this thing ending well.   Instead of trying to recruit a couple teams to fill out the OU and Texas schedules, Bowlsby and company are now going to sue everybody and drag their feet. 

Then again, who in their right mind would want to join this motley crew.  Houston from the AAC would appear to be a good choice, but after the way they were treated last time around why would they bother.  Convincing the Big Ten or Pac 12 to take one of these teams off our hands would seem a possibility, but those conferences have academic standards, and we know what that means.   

This leaves us with only one choice.  We do not want to be part of a sinking ship for five more years so we will have to buy our way out.   It will take roughly $60 million dollars to make this happen.  OU does not have that kind of money, but Texas does. 

Texas also has an ace in the hole that I bet they have shared with ESPN from the beginning of these negotiations.  ESPN still owes Texas over $100 million dollars for its Longhorn Network Contract.  Expect Texas to free up this money to say adios to the Big 12 for both OU and Texas.    

Politics and football certainly make strange bedfellows, first the SEC and now Texas.  Like I’ve said before, these are crazy times.  Dog and cats sleeping together.  I’m sorry, I just can’t resist that Ghost Busters line. 

Boomer Sooner…

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