As things currently stand, we may be stuck with Bedlam through the 2025 season, but in my heart of hearts, I believe this thing won’t drag out that long.  Which means we may be rid of Bedlam Sooner rather than later. 

Bedlam is played each year to make OSU football relevant and to create a lose-lose situation for the Sooners.   Of course, relativity is in the eyes of the beholder.  Over the past 115 years OSU has come out on top 18 times.  That is their idea of being relevant. 

What’s my point…my point is that due to realignment, we may be done with this Bedlam  nonsense as early as next year.  I know, we should never say never, but there is real hope here.   The value of the SEC move for OU will be up in the air for a while, but the possibility of ridding us of Bedlam will be worth the price of admission.       

OU President Joe Harroz is saying all the right things about the Bedlam issue and in doing so has kept the Aggie politicians at bay.  From a scheduling standpoint continuing Bedlam will not be financially feasible after a Big 12 breakup.

The expanded SEC will likely create a nine-game conference schedule that will leave room for three non-conference games.  OU already has three non-conference games contracted through 2026.   Below, I have listed next year’s non-conference schedule.  Similar OU non-conference schedules exist for the next six years.   

Legally and financially, I just don’t see a way out of these contracts.  Non-conference games are scheduled years in advance and buying out a game would cost the Sooners a ton of money.  Between the buyout clause and the home game revenue generated from the game itself, I would estimate lost revenue at $8 million dollars.  Even with SEC money, OU simply cannot afford that kind of loss. 

All of this may help kick the Bedlam can on down the road.   We hope…

Prospective 2022 Sooner Football Schedule with contracted non-conference games…

Game 1. UTEP (non-conference)

Game 2. @ Nebraska (non-conference)

Game 3. Arkansas

Game 4. Texas

Game 5. LSU

Game 6. Kent State

Game 7. Texas A&M

Game 8. Auburn (prospective opponent from eastern division)

Game 9. Ole Miss.

Game 10. Missouri

Game 11. Florida (prospective opponent from eastern division)

Game 12. Mississippi State

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