What goes around, comes around…In 1958, the Oklahoma legislature pressured OU to allow Oklahoma A&M to join the Sooners in the Big Seven Conference.  The State of Oklahoma was a bigger rural state then than it is today.  Those backroom politicians

The Oklahoma A&M resume’ for applying for what would then become the Big Eight was playing in a basketball league alongside Tulsa, Drake, Wichita State and Creighton in the Missouri Valley Conference. 

The next year, OSU did their best to change their image.  OSU may be the only team in America that has changed both its name and its mascot.  The Big Eight with OU and Nebraska doing the heavy lifting created the best football conference in America.  In 1971, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Colorado finished the season #1, 2, and 3 in the final rankings.   

OSU was actually competitive in the league through a combination of cheating and T. Boone’s money (or a combination of the two).  T. Boone is gone now, and things have changed.   The local press ignored the original implosion of the Big 12 Conference back in 2016 and advertised the new league as the greatest thing since sliced bread.  It wasn’t and everyone knew it.     

Without rehashing recent realignment news, it appears that there will be four Power Conferences when the dust settles.  The Big 12 will go the way of the dinosaurs as Iowa state will use this year’s stellar season and its academic standing to get an invite from the Big Ten.  West Virginia will weasel its way into the ACC and the deed will be done.  OSU will end up in one of the Group of Five Conferences (AAC or Mountain West).    

Steeley’s uncle from KREF 1400 has this thing all figured out.   He has OSU becoming part of the PW10 Conference.   According to Uncle, the Pop Warner 10 Conference will consist of OSU, El Reno Community College, Redlands College, the Oologah Volunteer Fire Department, the Burns Flat Beauty Academy and five teams to be named later.  

I don’t know where Uncle is getting his information, but he may not be far off.  Life has a way of working its way out over time.  OSU used its political muscle to get into OU’s conference back in the day.  Now, it looks like they will be shacking up with a bunch of chumps in the PW10. 

What goes around, comes around…

Boomer Sooner…

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