The grind…part IV…

It was another grind for the Sooners on Saturday night as we waited until the last four minutes of the game to get it together…the good news is that Spencer Rattler orchestrated that final drive and did so flawlessly.   It is that drive that gives us hope moving forward.

Of course, OU fans were fuming mad that it took so long, but then again, I have to ask those fans…would you rather have lost and be 3-1.  Here’s the scary thought.  A lot of OU fans would answer that question in the affirmative.  They want to force Lincoln’s hand at quarterback.  For those fans, they can forget it…that ain’t going to happen. 

In this case Lincoln is right…can you imagine inserting a true freshman quarterback into the lineup with this offensive line and this anemic running game?  Those same fans would be jubilant at the sight of Caleb Williams trotting onto the field, but just as quick to condemn the move when it failed.  

Okay, while I am not a football coach, I do play one on t.v. so these are my suggestions moving forward.   The offensive line is still a big-time work in progress.  We need to find one thing that these guys can do well and focus on that area.  We simply must establish a run game which will in turn make the passing game more efficient.   I believe that we still have the necessary parts to make this happen, so we just must stick with it. 

The second thing is that Lincoln Riley must spend a lot more time in the film room this week.  His play calling on Saturday was abysmal.  A reoccurrence of this fact in Manhattan next Saturday will be a killer.  

Each week, we think this is the week where we break out, but next Saturday may be our last chance to make it happen.  We are running out of time before the OU-Texas game so creating confidence before we roll into Dallas will be huge. 

Boomer Sooner…

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