First off, let’s get the issue of idiot OU fans out of the way.  I learned years ago that you can’t fix stupid, so rehashing this stuff may be a waste of time, but it is still embarrassing.   Lincoln Riley recruits the top quarterback in the country, and this is not good enough for some OU fans. 

For the record however, this is nothing new at Oklahoma.  OU is like most elite programs; we will always have our share of boo birds no matter what we do.  I’m sure, Clemson is getting their share of flyovers this year as well.  It goes with the territory…it’s just unfortunate that this stuff is spewed out of the mouths of over-the-hill losers who can barely spell football and that the boos are directed at 20-year-old kids.  I don’t care about this NIL crap, they’re still kids. 

For the record, section 108 in the upper deck is not immune from this behavior.  A few years ago, a liquored-up fan and I almost came to fist city when he cheered for a Landry Jones injury.   Just like today, he wanted to force the coach’s hand to play the back-up quarterback.  Fortunately for me, he was too inebriated to negotiate the steps to get at me as I called him out on the matter.   Of course, to hear my daughter tell the story, we took care of that guy that day…of course she may be just a bit prejudiced. 

The bottom line is like I said going in…you can’t fix stupid so why try.  It’s always better to spend positive energy on other things.  Spencer Rattler is taking care of the boo birds as he dismantled the West Virginia defense on the final drive of the Mountaineers game and then did the same against Kansas State on the first drive of the second half. 

Here’s a stat for you.   In the last six quarters Spencer Rattler has competed 36 of his 40 passes and in doing so has gotten us ready for Texas.  I think this guy is pretty good.   He is also our best chance at a great 2021 season.  Will we win a National Championship this year, probably not, but we can still have a great season. 

While I do expect the Cotton Bowl Brawl to be a nail biter this year, I also think that we are the better team.   The offensive line is beginning to gel and the running game is coming around.  Spencer is simply doing what Spencer does best, orchestrate touchdown drives. 

Nothing has changed as the Sooners need to take care of business one game at a time.  Win by four or by forty, who cares.  We’re better than Texas and I look for a breakout game in the Cotton Bowl.  Texas fans who have learned to hate us, will get another dose of hate serum on Saturday.  

Boomer Sooner…

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