Caleb vs. Spencer…

Okay, let’s talk Caleb Williams.  This guy’s the real deal and his presence on this football team makes us a lot better.  Caleb opens up the offense and makes both the offensive line and running game better by stretching the field, a move that Spencer could not get done this year.  It will also help our injury beleaguered defense as his offense gives them much needed breaks during games. 

For those who are saying “I told you so”, it’s important to remember that all OU fans that follow recruiting knew that this would be the case.  We simply assumed that Spencer would give us one more year before handing the reins off to Caleb. 

Spencer for whatever reason simply has not delivered as expected this year.  Maybe, it is the NIL thing, but as for me, I have a hard time blaming Spencer for this.   The politicians and the Kavanaugh Court have been hell-bent on paying college football players.   The NIL slant appears to me to be an olive branch that may help us avoid an even worse animal down the road, that of paying players outright.  Did Spencer get his head turned by NIL, probably so…after all most of us have shoes older that this guy. 

In any case, Spencer and that whole issue is behind us now.  Caleb Williams will be the full-time starting quarterback for the rest of 2021, at which time Spencer Rattler will enter the transfer portal.  For sure Caleb Williams is a special cat as he does things we only envisioned in a player. 

All Sooner fans will ask in return will be another National Championship.  Anything less and Sooner fans will be chanting…  “we want Malachi”.  That my friend is the nature of OU football. 

Boomer Sooner…

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