The good news for the Big 12 Conference is that Kansas, the bottom feeder in the league, has risen to #117 in the latest college football rankings following Saturday’s game.  Prior the OU game, the Jayhawks were ranked seventh from the bottom.   I know you did not want to see that, but then again, it is what it is.      

I know that the Kansas game was inexcusable, but seriously how can a bunch get up for a team ranked in the bottom ten nationally.  These guys aren’t stupid…they can read the sports page.  They can also see a stadium built at the turn of the century full of folding chair seats (seriously, you can’t make this stuff up).   They also saw a team going through pregame drills with cartoon characters (Jayhawks) on the side of their helmets.  

Give Kansas credit…they have finally hired a coach who knows how to rally a crowd.   He had the Kansas officials put the word out at half time that his team had OU on the ropes.  They also put out the word that Happy Meals would accompany free admission to the game.  Those Kansas students must really love those Happy Meals to give up a library outing for football.  The stadium filled up almost immediately.  

Okay, enough about Kansas…with the exception of the Jeremy Brooks/Caleb Williams hand off for a first down, (another first), we sucked on Saturday.  At the same time, as ugly as it was, it will still go into the record book as a win. 

Putting that mess in our rear-view mirror won’t be easy.   It’s like the Sooners have been treading water this entire season waiting for November to happen.  Thankfully, following the Tech game the Sooners will get a much-needed bye week and then we will have November football.  The coaches have been using injuries on the defensive side of the ball as an excuse.  Come November, that excuse won’t fly any more. 

We have also been left with the world’s worst predicament…rooting for OSU.  Personally, I would rather root for the former Soviet Army team that OSU, but again that is the life we have been forced to deal with.  It will take a convincing win against Texas Tech and three solid wins in November that will include a tough game in Stillwater to get us back in the thick of things…

Like I said…this is getting ugly…

Boomer Sooner…

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