• Oklahoma has now won 17 games in a row which is the longest winning streak in the country.  It is also longer than more than 95% of America’s football teams will ever have during their football histories…Pretty impressive, but not nearly as impressive as this next tidbit of information… 

The OU seventeen-game win streak is only the seventh longest winning streak in OU football history.  This would be a good piece of information to drop on your Aggie water cooler crowd.  

  • Forget the Kansas game, no one in Norman gave a rip and we righted the ship against Texas Tech.  The bad news is that the selection committee will likely hold the Kansas game against us on Tuesday night.  That’s okay, hammer our last three opponents and we can make up for lost time. 
  • Baylor in Waco will be a tough game, particularly at night, but then again, we own Baylor, so I feel pretty good about that game.  Getting our walking wounded players back on defense should help. 

Here comes the hard part…we will have to root for OSU this next week against West Virginia.  I can’t make myself do that, but I assume that the Gags will grease out another win that will help our cause anyway.   Look for Game Day or the Fox Sports team to be in Stillwater on November 27.  

  • This brings me to the main course…the Big 12 in its infinite wisdom, or lack thereof has set up a two-game set of games between OU and OSU at the end of this year.   The first will be played in Stillwater and the second, the following week will be played in Arlington.   That’s right…two Bedlam weeks in a row…What a bunch of idiots…no wonder we’re leaving for the SEC. 

I do have a suggestion; I think we should take a page from baseball and turn those games into a day-night doubleheader. We’ll play both games at Jerry World with one game at 11:00 and a night cap at 7:30. That would give us a couple Bedlam beat downs in one day.  I can live with that. 

  • One last thing…the OU softball team was the highlight of Saturday’s game as the team was honored during one of the fifteen-minute t.v. timeouts.   It looks like Patty Gasso’s Stadium will finally happen…I know, we will have to name the stadium after the Love family, but we can still name it Patty Gasso Field when the time is right. 

Boomer Sooner…  

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