Moving on…

We knew it was coming, but like that wreck along the highway, we just had to look. Speaking of wrecks, that would be a perfect term for what happened on Saturday.  We kept believing that Sooner Magic was going to happen, but it never did.

I know Sooner fans are blaming the coaching staff, the officials and the whacko Waco environment, but in reality, we have only ourselves to blame.  We had played one complete game all year and that game was against a weak Texas Tech team; we had no reason to believe that the lights were going to come on overnight. We simply believed because we wanted to believe. 

Granted the defense gave up too many yards and too many big plays but given the fact that they were on the field most the day, they played pretty well. They were on the field way too much because we have no running game. Running games are boring, but running games are essential for a decent passing game.  Proficient offenses just don’t happen without a running game. We have one running back while the rest of the world has a stable full of those guys.    

Both quarterbacks were off, but in reality, Spencer Rattler did throw one pass that could have been a game changer if our receiver had not gotten mugged trying to make the catch. As for Caleb Williams, asking a true freshman to be successful in that kind of hostile environment was ludicrous. Of course, asking anyone to play quarterback when nine out of ten passes were being dropped by the receivers would have been a stretch for even John Elway.   In any case, it’s time to move on. 

This team is still pretty good, just not as good as we had hoped. The bad news is that our worst nightmare is about to be realized. At this point I don’t want to think about the rest of the season with this team, but we have no choice. That choice includes what apparently will be two Bedlams this year.  We’re in a bind and T. Boone is eating this stuff up…   

Oh, well now that a National Championship is out of the 2021 picture, we can settle back and dream about what may happen in the future with SEC-type recruits. I understand fully the demands of playing in the SEC, but at least we will have players that can go into battle for us. If we can keep Joe Castiglione from negotiating future Bedlams games for the Sooners everything will be just fine.  

Boomer Sooner….

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