Sooner Magic…

Let’s cut to the chase…we love winners and loathe losers. When we lost to Baylor, it was depression city. No one and I mean no one saw that coming. We knew they were good, but not that good and we never dreamed we would play that poorly. We had anticipated that the off week would allow us to get our players back and that we would unload a can of you know what on the Bears. 

We saw that game as the first of three games that would impress the CFP selection committee, but of course that did not happen.  Caleb Williams looked like the true freshman that he is and not a Heisman Trophy winner and when Spencer Rattler got his chance to shine, he did not.  All of this has created a bad case of angst regarding this year’s Bedlam game.

Now we can expect the OSU coaches to use the same template that the Baylor coaches used to dismantle our offense. If that happens, we could be in real trouble on Saturday. This OSU defense is undeniably good, and their offense is decent enough to give us fits. 

At 10-1, the Ags appear to be pretty good this year, but it is important to point out that a lot of luck has gone into creating their gaudy record.  They played no less than four trap games this season.  In most cases the Cowboy opponent had played their best game of the year the week prior to OSU and were ill prepared for their game against the Cowboys. OSU also played two teams that were going through coaching changes in mid-season.

In spite of this momentum and a roster full of experienced fifth- and sixth-year seniors, I still believe the Sooners have a legitimate chance of derailing the OSU train. Here is my formula for success on Saturday.

  • We need to score first which will hopefully take the liquored-up Aggie fans out of the game.
  • We must find a way to turn that lead into 10 point spread at some point during the course of the game. 
  • Unleash Alex Grinch’s “Speed Defense” on Spencer Sanders in the same manner that Baylor terrorized Caleb Williams in Waco. Spencer Sanders is a different quarterback with some one’s hand in his face.     
  • Create a semblance of a run game that will take the pressure off Caleb Williams…
  • Utilize Caleb Williams’ run/throw options that will open up the Aggie defense.  If Lincoln insists on playing a drop back/pocket quarterback style of offense, he should insert Spencer Rattler into the game who can find his receivers. 
  • Keep the game close going into the second half and fourth quarter.
  • Make sure we have the west wind at our backs in the fourth quarter. Weather forecasts indicate west wind on Saturday. 
  • Pray for Sooner Magic to happen…

Boomer Sooner…

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