The season from hell…

How did we arrive at this lowly state…we started out the 2021 season with serious hopes for a National Championship year and then we got soap poisoning. The summer football magazines misled us into believing that we would beat Iowa State for the Big 12 Championship and play in the CFP.  After all we had the shoe-in for the Heisman at quarterback with next year’s Heisman winner backing him up. 

We teetered on the danger zone meter for most of the year only to get a respite against Texas in the Cotton Bowl.  We kept thinking that things were going to turn around as we were told that we were getting close, but of course that never happened. Then we end up losing two of the last three games including Bedlam and lose our head coach that same weekend. Unreal…

Again, as Bud said, things are never as bad as they appear to be at the time…and this is going to be one of those times. In the end, Sooners fans will rejoice at the new hire/s at OU.  We needed a real head coach, and we needed an offensive coordinator/play caller, and we needed a defensive coordinator. I suspect that all of these issues will be addressed over the next 24 hours with the Brent Venables hire and the filling of his staff.   

We also need a shot of adrenalin as we prepare our team for the 2022 season.  The Alamo Bowl will provide us with just that.  Oregon will be a respectable program that will be without its head coach. We, on the other hand will be coached by a Hall of Famer, Bob Stoops. I can’t wait for Bob Stoops to be drenched in Gatorade after the Alamo Bowl win…

I also suspect that this new staff will replenish the recruiting holes created by Lincoln’s leaving with transfer portal studs anxious to join the Sooners and the SEC. Brent Venables will swing for the fences…this is not his first rodeo…we done good with this hire…

Oh, and one more thing about turning around the season from hell…only a bunch of Aggies could blow a chance at the CFP by squandering a first and goal from the two-yard line with four shots to score. That last play was priceless…I could watch it again and again and again.  Seriously, you can’t make that stuff up….

Boomer Sooner…

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