After hearing a recent podcast interview featuring Caleb Williams, I have no doubt that CW will be back next year. This guy’s a class act who wants to see every task through to the end. This time last year, he was preparing to move to Norman and take over the reins at quarterback while enrolling in eleven courses, six in high school and five at OU.

His high school in the D.C. area does not allow students to graduate early regardless of credits earned so he was required to take a full load at Gonzaga H.S.  In order to go through spring drills, he also enrolled in five courses at OU as well. CW could have transferred to a cross town high school that allowed students to graduate early.  This would have reduced his workload in half, but that’s not the Caleb Williams’ way. It probably never occurred to him to take the easy way out.   

Another reason for my faith in Caleb staying at OU is the fact that he recruited a bunch of players from across America to move to Norman with him. I just don’t see him turning his back on those players. This guy is a man of his word, and his teammates love his leadership skills and the way he is wired.

I also love how he handled the Spencer Rattler saga last year.  He could have moaned and groaned about playing second fiddle to Rattler even though he knew he had superior skills, but he refused to do that. He simply worked his butt off and waited his turn. And of course, we all know how that turned out.

Only Oklahoma could recover from a nuclear attack like the one Lincoln Riley leveled on Norman this past year, but none of this seems to have fazed Caleb Williams. Lincoln will surround himself with enough L.A. talent to win a bunch of games at USC in the upcoming years, but he will miss the point. He will never possess the character and intestinal fortitude of Caleb Williams.

The sky will be the limit for the Sooners with Caleb Williams in charge of things on a full time basis next year.  Of course, a big win in the Alamo Bowl with Caleb Williams at quarterback will serve to set all of this in motion.

Boomer Sooner…

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