Silver lining…

OU fans were shocked by Lincoln Riley’s sudden departure from OU back in December. The collateral damage of losing players and recruits made us crazy mad. That was the bad news…in reality, Lincoln’s leaving, and the timing of the move has turned out to be good news. Yes, we lost a couple players, but the new guy has more than made up for those losses.

Coaching moves invariably create issues on the recruiting trail. New coaches are given a pass for that first year because of the transition from one coach to the next. A case in point is a look at Lincoln Riley’s first class at USC where he finished # 65 in 247sports rankings.

Brent Venables on the other hand has defied the odds. Never in the history of college football has a new coach turned things around on the recruiting trail more quickly than Brent Venables.

Lincoln Riley’s last two recruiting classes at OU were ranked #13 and #16. Brent Venables’ first class in Norman is ranked #8 in both Rivals and 247sports.  His transfer portal class is ranked #4 by 247sports… no other college team/coach comes close to those combined numbers.

Gracen Halton, a blue-chip defensive lineman from California seems to have summed things up perfectly. Halton shared with the press that Brent Venables’ authenticity and genuine caring attitude had his parents near tears at the end of his home visit. That’s right, Gracen and his parents were sold, and he flipped his commitment. 

Here’s another side to this story. If Lincoln had not left when he did, we would have been stuck with Lincoln Riley and not Brent Venables on the recruiting trail. That would have meant that at this point we would have inherited the latest batch of prima donnas mapping out their NIL deals instead of recruits mapping out their team goals.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, this is one of those times.

Boomer Sooner…

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