OU softball…

With no ESPN television, you probably missed a fantastic game over the weekend. Jadna Coleman hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the tenth as the Sooners took down the Tennessee Volunteers in softball.  As you can imagine, the Vols gave us all we wanted in that one. The Sooners also had to rally from behind to finish off Utah a day later in the final game of the west coast classic. 

That’s the good news…the bad news is that OU’s dominant pitching staff proved that they were human by being touched up for eight runs and ten hits against Tennessee.  On the positive side these games will serve as a wake-up call for Sooner fans.  It’s early and we have a lot of softball left to be played before we crown another National Champion. 

Unlike OU fans, Patty Gasso knew better than to get ahead of herself.  She would be the first to admit that OU’s early season schedule was on the weak side.  She wanted to use these games to pad the Sooner win column and to create momentum for the middle portion of the schedule.  She also wanted to allow all three pitchers plenty of game time. 

She was hoping that her senior laden team could beat up on weaker teams without getting ahead of themselves.  It appears that her strategy is working as the team will leave the west coast undefeated, but aware of the need for improvement.  

This team has also learned that any team coming out of the SEC will be battle tested.   The Volunteers that gave us all that we wanted are no better than a middle level team in that league.  The SEC as a whole has eight (8) teams ranked in the top 25. The Big 12 by comparison has two.  Teams from that league will be battle tested. 

Both Alabama and Florida will be as tough as nails by the time they reach OKC in June…to win another NC, we will have to develop that same mantra…

Boomer Sooner…

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