So, you’re saying there’s a chance…

This is one of my favorite movie lines of all time as Lloyd (Jim Carey) in “Dumb and Dumber” is rebuffed by Mary Swanson.  She shared with him in the nicest way possible that his chances were not particularly good, sort like one in a million. 

That’s the way I have always felt about OU building a new basketball arena in my lifetime. Today, however I’m increasing the odds from one in a million to possibly one in a thousand. That’s right…I’m saying there’s a chance. 

The stars may be aligning themselves for this to happen. The latest stars that are coming into alignment are the two new basketball hires.  I can’t imagine either one of these up-and-coming coaches relocating to Norman without promises being made in this area. 

For the record, the LNC is a nice venue, but from a basketball standpoint, it just won’t get it done.  The building was built almost 50 years ago as a concert/basketball venue and has actually served both causes reasonably well at times. During the Billy Tubbs era, the place rocked for basketball.  

Today, with everyone else having a home court advantage, the Sooners are better off playing in the Paycom Center where the seats are near the playing surface. In particular, Porter Moser’s style of play needs a boisterous crowd.    

Here’s a thought…let’s keep the LNC with its spacious floor plan for concerts and for OU’s award-winning gymnastics teams. Next, let’s take the momentum and the extra money from our move to the SEC and build a new basketball arena within walking distance of student housing.  

Maybe it’s the three-game winning streak that has gotten me worked up about this subject, but in any case I’m saying there’s a chance.  

Boomer Sooner…

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