Be careful what you ask for…

“Little brother” may be the biggest threat to wrecking OU’s plans for another softball national championship.  That’s right, it’s going to get really interesting over the next month in college softball. Here’s the rub…OSU is really good and much of this has to do with Patty Gasso’s act of kindness.   Of course, in her defense, she was probably taking advice from Joe C., the biggest Aggie lover of them all.     

Kenny Grajewski, the current OSU head coach was a Florida assistant coach when the OSU job opened up a few years back.  Patty Gasso recommended Coach G. for the OSU position.  Oh well, what’s the harm, she must have thought.  The harm is that there was a time when OSU dominated the Oklahoma softball landscape.  It has taken Patty Gasso twenty years to turn things around.  I for one don’t want to give that up. 

Keep in mind that coach Grajewski’s team beat the Sooners for the first time in over a decade last year and they have added two pitchers to that team, including last year’s Texas ace, Miranda Elish.  That pitching staff held Texas to 3 runs for an entire weekend while OU’s pitchers gave up four runs in one game to the Horns. 

What’s my point…my point is that we must start taking this OSU team seriously…they are loaded this year and they still have the same coach.  Coach G. was tutored by former OU baseball player turned softball coach Tim Walton.  This guy uses the same approach to softball as a baseball guy would.  Go with your starter and then shut the door with your hard throwing closer.  It’s a time-honored formula that works.

This is really my point…OU people need to stop worrying about OSU.  Remember how it felt last November after OSU beat us in football.  They’re not our friend…they would love nothing more than to derail our quest for another National Championship.   

Boomer Sooner…

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