Obviously the WCWS will be more of a challenge for the Sooner softballers than the regionals and super regional were.  However, like we said, if this team is as good as we think they are and if Patty is the Hall of Fame coach we believe her to be, we should be just fine. 

With OU’s help, OSU is now on a roll and will be a force to be reckoned with in OKC.  OU created the OSU monster by losing to the Cowgirls in the Big 12 Championship game.  Hopefully, the Sooners will remind themselves of that game and take care of business this time around.  Getting Jordy Bahl back will go a long way in making that happen.   

Adding to our fun this week will be the Sooner baseballers who won their first Big 12 Championship in almost a decade this past weekend. The Sooners will be the #2 seed in the Gainesville regional.  The Sooners deserved the opportunity to host a regional, but the NCAA selection committee does not award regional sites to programs with miniature stadiums. 

As fans, we can blame the NCAA all day for this snub, but these sites are awarded to a great extent on stadium size.   Case in point is that OSU and Texas finished behind the Sooners this year, but both are hosting regionals this next weekend.  

Getting to Omaha may be a lost cause for the Sooners, but then again OU is on a roll right now.  We have won 6 out of the last seven games including a win over Texas in the Big 12 Championship game so don’t count the Sooners out of the running.   Regardless of what happens this week the Sooner baseball program has come a long way.  Hopefully, this year will provide the Sooners with the impetus for a new SEC-type baseball stadium in the future.

Finally, the Sooner golf team will be vying for another National Championship this week in Scottsdale with the Sooners playing in the quarter finals on Tuesday.   

At least we will have something to do during the dog days of summer this week…

Boomer Sooner…

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