That damn pesky fly…

OSU is like that pesky fly that just won’t go away. Here we are on the roll to another National Championship in softball and that fly is back.   It all began in the Big 12 Championship game as we did not swat that fly when we had the chance.  That win for the Cowgirls put them on a path to the WCWS finals against the Sooners. 

OSU has utilized an unbelievable soft regional, super-regional and WCWS bracket to waltz to the finals.  The NCAA with Patty leading the charge also created additional breaks between sessions for this year’s tournament that has helped the OSU cause as well. 

The OSU ace Kelly Maxwell has gotten on a roll of late and is dangerous.  She has won two games in the tournament so far and is set to win a third on Monday.  With Jordy still a question mark the OSU series could get interesting.  Like I said, here comes that pesky fly again…

Boomer Sooner…

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