Conference realignment…what’s next…

Last year, it was OU and Texas to the SEC.  This year, it’s USC and UCLA to the Big Ten.  Now, we have two super-conferences in the Big Ten and SEC to go along with a super conference to be named later in the ACC and two also-rans in the Pac 12 and Big 12.   

Many have suggested that Pac 12 teams Oregon and Washington will follow suit with a move to the Big Ten, but I suspect that the Big Ten may hang tight for the time being.  The USC and UCLA move was secretly in the works for some time.  If the other two Pac 12 teams had been viable candidates, the Big Ten would have included them in their expansion process this time around.    

I suspect that this fact will give the Pac 12 time to get their act together and make their own moves. In short, the Pac 12 must come up with an expansion plan of their own. This plan will include several minor league west coast schools like San Diego State and Fresno State, but in the end the Pac 12 will need more to keep their conference afloat. 

Here’s my take on the Pac 12 future…the Pac 12 is desperate and pilfering various teams from the Big 12 makes perfect sense to me.  I think the Big 12 had better watch its backside. Consider these teams for Pac 12 membership. 

Baylor…Baylor has everything the Pac 12 wants…academics, football, and men’s and women’s basketball.  Waco is also just a stone’s throw from the San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas t.v. markets.  My first call would be to Waco. 

BYU… my second call would be to Provo.  Yes,I know that BYU is spoken for, but anything is possible these days.  To my knowledge no contracts have been signed that would have to be litigated so why not give it a shot.  BYU has a strong academic reputation, an enrollment of 50,000 students and a fan base of millions.  BYU is a much better fit in the Pac 12 than the Big 12. 

Kansas…I know that this sounds ludicrous, but here me out about anyway.  Kansas has a Pac 12-type academic reputation.  KU also has one of the top basketball programs in the country.  Finally, Kansas has the Kansas City t.v. market which would really help the Pac 12 ratings. Yes, I know that KU football sucks, but a change of scenery may be just what the doctor ordered. 

The college football conference landscape will continue to be in turmoil, but as OU fans we can sit back and watch.  We made our move last year and that move looks better with every passing day.

Boomer Sooner…

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