Gundy and Bedlam…

At the summer Big 12 meetings, Mike Gundy, the know all see all guru of college football insisted that Bedlam was history.   His reasoning was that OU’s move to the SEC would kill the rivalry.  While in this case I hope that the mullet man is right, Brent Venables gave a different opinion. He insisted that OU wants the game to be played going forward. Of course, he added an addendum to his comments.  He expects to dominate Bedlam and in doing so dominate Oklahoma.      

One must wonder why Gundy would be hell bent on seeing Bedlam go away since he now owns a winning streak in the series. Then again, Gundy may want Bedlam to end sooner rather than later in order to go out on top. 

As we know, Lincoln Riley and his side kick Caleb Williams did their best to ensure that the Sooners came up short last November.  As a result, Gundy is on a hot streak.  However, the truth of the matter is that last year’s win by Gundy was only his third in the last seventeen (17) years against the Sooners. Brent Venables on the other hand lost only one game against the Ags during his career as defensive coordinator at OU.

We love Brent Venables because of his spirit and his fight.  We also love BV because we know he will open up a can of whoop ass on the Cowboys next November.  Yes, Mike Gundy is a rear end, but in spite of being an Aggie he has done a decent job at OSU in football. In spite of this fact, OU has been his albatross.  While he will go down as the winningest coach in OSU history, he will also go down as the guy who set the record for futility against his in-state rival.

Boomer Sooner…

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