It’s football time in Oklahoma…

I can’t wait to hear this phrase bellowed over loudspeaker at Memorial Stadium this year.  Like a lot of things, I’ve stopped counting the years, but if I remember correctly, this will be the 45th year to make the trek to Norman with my OU football buddy.  Forty-five years is longer than most marriages and I’ll let you fill in the blanks from there. 

Of course, I was an OU fan long before I could afford tickets to the games, and I have seen OU coaches come and go. I don’t however believe I have ever been more anxious for a new era to begin.  We have put the old Lincoln in the barn, and we are ready to take the new BV out for a spin.  I’ve been wrong before about coaching hires (Howard Schellenberg and John Blake) before, but I will bet my house that I won’t be wrong this time around.

I’m not saying we will win a Natty this year, but I am saying that we are so much closer to that happening today than we were this time last year.  As we know, God works in mysterious ways, and this includes OU football.  In order to experience a rainbow, we must sometimes endure a thunderstorm first.  This is going to one of those times. 

BV hit the ground running and does the unthinkable by bringing in a top ten class right off the bat.  Next, he brings in a top transfer group to go along with solid team that was simply waiting for someone to take charge and coach them up. This year’s recruiting class is beating out the likes of Alabama for players as the Sooners skyrocket to the top of the Class of ’23.  Last, but not least is the positive chemistry that this guy has brought to this team. 

Last season, particularly the Bedlam game was horribly painful at times, but as so often happens when we lose to the Ags, something good comes from that experience. I truly believe that Brent Venables is building something special in Norman. 

As Sooner fans, we are so blessed…we need to take a minute to breathe in this stratified air and enjoy the moment. It doesn’t get much better than this…

Boomer Sooner…

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