We won…

The Pink Pandas kicked butt and took names last night in tee ball.  Given the fact that we were blown out last week 16-0, this reversal of fortunes was a major accomplishment.  Apparently, it’s true what they say about a team showing the most improvement between games one and two of a season.  It is also true how much more a coach is revered between week one and week two.  The parents were ready to string me up last week…this week, I walk on water.  Trust me, this is not my first rodeo, I won’t let it go to my head. 

I suspect the game one to game two scenario will also be true this week as the Sooners face Kent State.  I suspect that the Golden Flashes are a better team than UTEP, but I also suspect the Sooners will avoid lifting up on the accelerator like they did last week.  One would think that catching the Sooners the week before the Nebraska would be problematic for us, but then again, we are talking about a different mindset in Norman these days. 

Our guys will be well-prepared and loaded for bear.  Being a night game will help as well.  The east side will be hot early on, but this week east side fans will want to stick around to see the sun set on the Golden Flashes. 

Finally, there is not a whole lot I can add to the musings of talk radio this week.  It’s going to be hard to score points on this defense and our offense will only get better with each succeeding game.  CBS already has us ranked #4 in their playoff poll which to be honest given our schedule could happen. 

Boomer Sooner and go Pandas…

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