We need this one…

That’s right, we need to win this weekend’s game in the worst way.  Some Sooner fans believe this game will be a walk in the park and I hope they are right, but I’m not so sure. 

The Scott Frost firing could not have come at a worse time for the Sooners.  With Scott Frost at the helm, the Sooners were going to waltz into Lincoln and handily take down the Huskers.  Now, we have a fan base in Lincoln ready to see their season turned around in one game with their new favorite son at the helm.   

We will also face a bunch of players who will be playing for “their” guy.  How many times have you seen this scenario where the interim coach becomes a player’s favorite.  Current players always want the interim name to be taken off the new guy’s name plate.  It makes for a better situation for them down the road. 

And of course, we have Casey Thompson who resents OU and will be trying his best to create a Texas-size do-over. He had us in his sights against Texas last year and he sees this game as his opportunity to redeem himself.

The Big Red of the North crowd will be a fifteen on a scale of one to ten. We must figure out a way to take the crowd out of the game early, hold on until half and then put the hammer down after intermission.  With Kansas State, TCU, and Texas on the horizon, this is a must game.

Boomer Sooner…

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