Now what…

About the time we think that OU basketball can’t get any worse, it does…the Sooners lost their third game this season to little brother. When was the last time that happened.  How about never…this simply cannot happen again, ever…

Here’s the deal…we are stuck with Porter Moser as our coach for the foreseeable future as pulling the plug on the guy would cost between six and eight million dollars.  We have no choice, but to sit tight and hope that Moser has a Plan B. 

In Porter Moser’s defense, it took him some time to put together a winner at Loyola Chicago, so we must give him time to replicate that move in Norman.  Porter is now aggressively campaigning for a fan-friendly arena for his product.  This guy is pretty sharp as he is using a losing season and the competition to make his case.  He says look around and see what other arenas look like on game day.

As a result, expect the OU Regents to announce plans for a new arena Sooner rather than later.  Someone had to believe in this guy, and they want him to succeed.  Of course, winning in the short term will help his case as well.  Porter must hit the transfer portal circuit hard to bring in a boat load of talent, particularly ready-made big men that can play big boy basketball.  Basketball is not that much different than football…you have to have big guys in the middle to compete. 

Don’t give up the ship just yet…let’s give Porter Moser one more year to get ‘er done.

Boomer Sooner…


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