Where do we go from here…?

Okay, I finally get it…This Bob Stoops coaching staff may be as bad as advertised…I am yelling Uncle…

Having seen some bad OU football over the years, I have been prone to cutting Bob and company slack.  I always believed that it can always get worse.  After what I saw Saturday night when this coaching staff made John Blake look like a genius, I realized that I finally get it.  Squandering a 14 point lead in the last five minutes of a game is next to impossible, particularly when the offense has the ball.  OU made it look easy.  Spread the blame around, offense, defense and special teams, this coaching staff sucks…

Without recounting the coaching comedy of errors committed by the OU coaching staff during that those final minutes, it is safe to say it was a one of a kind experience and one that I hope I never experience again.     At the same time, for those of us that who will be back for more next year, I suspect that as long as Bob Stoops is in charge, we had better increase our meds and get ready for a rough ride.  With David Boren calling the shots, Bob is not going anywhere and with Bob calling the shots Josh and Mike will not be going anywhere without pressure being placed on him to do so.  Regardless, this football program is in desperate need of change.

As hard as it is to admit, the painful truth is that Bob Stoops lacks football sense.  He does okay when he has time to plan, but when the game is on the line he gets brain freeze.   Bob is only as good as those around him.  When he surrounds himself with morons, he is in trouble.

In the beginning of his tenure at OU, Bob had the advantage of hiring a staff of up and coming head coaches.  Those guys are no longer around, having taken positions elsewhere and it shows.  What we have left is Bob Stoops and his proclivity for hiring assistants from within the OU and Stoops family.

Keep in mind that this is not all Stoops fault.   When he was hired by David Boren and Joe Castiglione he was seen as someone that could right the OU ship that had taken on water during the Schnellenberger, Blake, and Switzer era.   Bob was an upcoming defensive coordinator from Florida who was considered Mr. Clean by the football world.   David Boren who is clueless when it comes to football hired Stoops to clean up the program and hopefully win a few games along the way.

Give the guy credit; he has been fantastic in that regard.  Unfortunately OU fans want more out of their head coach.  They want championships to go along with doing it the right way.  Now with OU facing a dearth of coaching talent, Bob is left to make up the difference.  That ain’t  going to happen.  He is not smart enough to do it on his own.  He will need help…

Of course Bob and company will say that the drop off in talent has caused the downward spiral of the program.  That suggestion fails to work when you consider that conference winners, TCU, Baylor and K-State have less than a handful of four star recruits between them.

Granted OU could be back more quickly if the Sooners could recruit enough talent to overcome its coaching deficiencies.  Unfortunately, with the Saturday Night Massacre, an 8-5 season and a loss to its state rival as a backdrop this will be hard to do.  No intelligent high school player will want to play for a team whose coaching staff can’t get out of its own way.

So where do we go from here…  

Simply put, it is time for changes to be made… Firing Bob Stoops is not the answer, not that David would ever do that.   To be honest, this move would mean starting completely over.  It is time however for the OU Regents to step in and insist that Bob jettison both Mike and Josh.  Give both a couple weeks to land head coaching jobs elsewhere, a move that would allow the boys to save face.   In any case these guys must go….

Bob then can then hire new coordinators from outside the OU family that can both coach and recruit.  This next move will be a tough one for the insecure Bob Stoops so pressure from the Regents to get it done may be in order.  Bob needs to hire coaches can think for themselves.  Bob could have used this type person Saturday night when he insisted on kicking to Barry Sanders again and again.

If Bob balks to these moves, he will have made his bed and the OU Regents will then be forced to jettison him to the retirement center, hire a new head coach and start over…

Either case works for me…What will not work for me is another football season like this one…


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  1. I think consensus is building; my Facebook comments from Sunday were in the same vein. I’m still just in shock at the ineptitude from Saturday.

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