Post Bedlam…

This has been without a doubt the craziest and most unpredictable year in the history of college football.    Fortunately, in some cases, the more things change the more things stay the same.  OSU will always be our little brother and as a result, we will be eternally grateful that we can always depend on the boys from Stillwater to stroke our egos. 

I must say that I felt pretty good going into the game and once I was reassured by my OU football buddy, that our defensive line would manhandle their offensive line I felt even better.  Once we got up on the boys by 21, I was ready to sit back and relax.  Then of course, Bookie came roaring out of nowhere to make things interesting. Fortunately, his teammates bailed him out in the end, but seriously why does he insist on doing that stuff. 

After that, I was not perfectly comfortable until the Godfather of all trick plays shut the door on the orange-clad cowgirls once and for all.  I know that it was never that close, but having to live here amongst these sod busters day in and day out, I was couldn’t take any chances. 

I can remember only yesterday when Mike Gundy assembled his team for a pep rally to announce that this team would the latest greatest ever…he said his bunch would not be denied this year.  The Mullet Man had convinced Chuba Hubbard and Tylan Wallace to forgo the NFL draft to return to Stillwater.  He would combine these two with Spencer Sanders to create the latest triplets ever. The Aggie faithful saw Heisman Trophies and National Championships dancing in their heads. 

That was then and this is now…once again the Sooners insisted on putting “baby in the corner.”  Aggie dreams of beating big brother would be smashed for the 90th time in the series. Seriously, wrap your head arond that stat…90-18-7.  

To reinforce my thoughts on this game and this so called “Bedlam” crap, let’s remind ourselves of these facts…

1. The OU-OSU series is the most lopside intra-state rivalry in America. 

2. The final score was 41-13 and could have been a lot worse.

3. Mike Gundy punts the ball to the Sooners near midfield with only minutes gone in the fourth quarter which tells us a lot about Gundy’s mindset against Lincoln Riley. 

4. OSU will most assuredly lose two thirds of their latest triplet collection to the NFL this year and then what will they do.  Granted, the NCAA will allow OSU to return a bunch of their fifth year seniors again next year, but at some point depending on 6th year seniors instead of four star recruits has to backfire.  

4. The Sooners won the game with a redshirt freshman at quarterback and a ton of returning talent for next year’s trip to Stillwater. 

5. The win will allow the Sooners to win another Big 12 Championship and a likely New’s Year’s Day Cotton Bowl bid.  A win there which will serve as a huge springboard for next year. 

6.  And this may be the most telling sign of all…the Sooners are set to reload this year with a top five recruiting class while oSU is tied at seventh in the Big 12 and #51 in the country in the latest Rivals rankings.  

As for the Ags, they have been denied once again of bragging rights against the Sooners. 

Boomer Sooner…