As we deliberate over the 55-24 butt kicking we took at the hands of TCU this past weekend let’s turn our attention to Texas.  This game is always huge, but it will be even bigger this year.  Many OU fans have given up on the Sooners after this past weekend, but I would suggest not jumping off that ten-story building just yet. 

We are not as good as we looked against Nebraska or as bad as we looked against TCU.   Granted we got off to a bad start against TCU, but until the Horned Frog cheap shot artist took Dillon Gabriel out of the game in the early parts of the second quarter, we still had a shot, not a great shot, but still a shot.  Seriously, that guy should be locked up for assault and battery. Once, Dillon went down, it was all over. 

Next, before we throw Ted Roof under the bus, let’s remember that Roof has probably forgotten more football than any of us will ever know.  Let’s wait until after Texas to pull the plug on the guy. Let’s also remember for Brent’s sake that it was Sooner fans that installed him as the next Pope a few months back…let’s get real though, not even the Pope could have stopped what happened on Saturday. 

To say, we were shorthanded would be an understatement. A few starters went down with injuries early in the game, but we also had eleven players who could have been with us on Saturday, but they left early for the NFL.  We also lost twelve players to the transfer portal including our quarterback, backup quarterback, offensive coordinator (Riley) and defensive coordinator (Grinch). 

I know it’s hard to be humble when you’re a Sooner, but Brent Venables will need more than a preseason to implement his game plan.  It will also take him more than one recruiting class to find the right players to buy into his mindset and to compete in today’s college football world.  Beating Texas on Saturday will go a long way in making this happen, but regardless of what happens in the Cotton Bowl don’t give up on the Sooners just yet.  Many of us have seen this movie before and we lived to tell about it. 

Boomer Sooner…

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