It ain’t over ‘till the fat lady sings…

The Texas game was ugly…but the outcome was never in doubt.  Because of Lincoln Riley, we had only one quarterback and no backup quarterbacks for the game and when Dillon Gabriel did not appear for the first snap, that game was over.  The only issue at that point was by how much.  The good news is that Dillon is back, and we can breathe again.  The bad news is that we have no backup quarterback so we will have to make do with Dillon until next year. 

I know that Kansas is still Kansas but trust me this year’s Kansas team on Saturday was light years better than previous teams.  A win on Saturday against the Jayhawks was critical to this season and beyond.   While the outcome did not impress fans and pollsters, this was solid performance by the good guys.

With a win over “bye” next week, we will be on our way to Ames with a two-game winning streak (okay, we can’t count the bye week, but I’m desperate).  At this point in time, every win is critical to our cause and now we must, and I mean must win in Ames. Unfortunately, Iowa State showed last Saturday that they are a pretty good team as they almost beat Texas in Austin. 

Here’s the good news…OU has played the upper crust of the conference during its losing streak.   Now we can focus on the teams in the bottom portion of the league.  Get hot at the right time and we will have a shot at taking down Baylor and OSU at home. 

All the more reason to believe that the Iowa State game could define not only this season, but seasons to come.  As we said earlier, 2022 was going to be a transitional and challenging season.  The rest of the season will not be for the faint of heart. Beating Iowa State will be another step in the right direction.     

Boomer Sooner…

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