OU softball…

To say that the Sooners have dominated the competition so far this year would be an understatement.  Here is your current OU softball score card. 

The Sooners have won 21 of their 25 games by run rule…The Sooners’ team batting average is .391.   The Sooner pitching staff is 25-0 with a team ERA of .91.  If you only count Hope Trautwein, Nicole May and Jordy Bahl in the mix, the team ERA drops to .66.  OU’s fielding percentage is a whopping .970. These stats remind me of a player winning the triple crown.  

Included in the 25 wins are three wins against top 25 teams in UCLA, Tennessee, and Arizona.  This past weekend the Sooners beat two Big Ten teams by a combined score of 35-1.

With this behind us, we can now see what we’re made of as the Sooners will travel to Lexington to play the 12th ranked Kentucky Wildcats Tuesday.  Then we enter Big 12 conference play. 

At this point, Patty’s biggest worry is keeping her starters focused.  Then again, with the competition level at every position off the charts, keeping their attention should not be a problem.  Speaking of competition, Patty has just signed another top five class that includes the #1 player/pitcher in the country for next year. 

And they say, we’re only a football school…

Boomer Sooner…

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