Sooner Magic…

After last year’s Bedlam football game where Sooner Magic never happened, I have decided to focus this thought on softball for the time being.  The Sooner softballers waited until the last minute on Sunday to make Sooner Magic happen. 

Of course, we got a little help from the Baylor left fielder, but still.  I have been in her position, and I felt badly for her, but then again, she became part of Sooner Magic lore.    

I was never convinced the Sooners were going to lose that game on Sunday but winning it the way they did was perfect.  The Sooner softballers used a little Sooner Magic to keep their winning streak alive.  I’m sure that back in the Bud days, it took a number of bad plays by opponents to keep the Sooner 47 game win streak intact.    

Of course, the most impressive part of the OU weekend was the Sooner pitching staff that gave up only two runs for the weekend and one hit in the finale.  To have three pitchers of this caliber is phenomenal…this team is going to be hard to beat. 

Boomer Sooner…

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