Weekly update…

Kliff Kingsbury should fire his offensive coordinator…Oh, wait a minute he is the offensive coordinator.   Smart move Kliff…It is hard to fire yourself.

Send every one long and hit the running back out of the back field and you beat Texas…This is not rocket science. This guy makes $4 million a year to screw this up.

And another thing…How can anyone not find eleven tough, hard-nosed West Texas kids to play defense. You and I could do that.  Joe Hollywood is a joke…

As Taylor would say, this guy has one job to do and he sucks at it. They need fresh blood in Lubbock.

Next, I love Bill Snyder, but he needs to move into the 21st century and get himself one of them there new-fangled tape players.   How many times have we seen James Washington run free for a touchdown late in the game over the past two years?  Double cover the guy for Pete-sake…

And another thing, Snyder needs to keep up with rules changes.   It is now legal for a ball carrier to be pushed into the end zone.    Why not put three fullbacks in the back field and push the quarterback into the end zone.  Again, not exactly rocket science.

I know this is Kansas State and yes Wildcat fans know they are fortunate to have him, but that last 8 minutes in Manhattan was about as weak a coaching effort as I have seen in a while.

Fortunately, this win leaves OSU fans all a flutter as they dream of beating OU this year. Give Mike Gumby credit he has done a nice job of keeping his Cowboys out of Logan County lock up this year.  I really thought they would lose another game or two by now.  At this point, expect the Cowboys to have nine wins and a ton of momentum when they hit Norman in early December.

Just to be sure that OU can avoid an upset I may have to bring my daughter back from college for the OSU game. OU has never lost a game, home or away when she is in attendance. I really feel good about our chances against the Gags, but why take a chance.

As for OU, call me a crazy homer, but I think this OU team is about to be really good. Unstoppable on offense and Improving on defense.

With Baylor imploding, our attention now turns to that trip to Morgantown and the game we have hesitated to think about all year. A visit to West Virginia will tell us what we are made of.

We are going to need all our injured players to be back on deck for that one. Once we get all our injured players back to mesh with the young guys that have filled in while they were gone, we might be pretty good football team after all.

I suspect that once again; the Sooners are peaking at just the right time.

Boomer Sooner…




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