What do Kansas and Kansas State have in common?   Both have been ranked as the worst D-1 football program in America…Back in the day, K-State and Wake Forest would go back in forth from one year to the next as to which team would be ranked dead last.

Back in the day, the joke was that the good news is that K-State had 22 starters coming back, the bad news is that K-State had 22 starters coming back. You get my point.

Then it happened…Like manna from heaven…A K-State alum from Dodge City won the lottery and decided to donate a large portion of his earnings to K-State. The Wildcat brass used the money to put in artificial turf.  Seems like a small thing today, but K-State was one of the first college programs to do this and cosmetic affect produced huge dividends.

Next K-State hired away Bill Snyder from the Iowa staff and as they say the rest is history. Speaking of cosmetic affects, the first thing Snyder did was to steal an idea from Iowa and produce the Wildcat helmet logo. Again a small thing to some, but a huge deal psychologically.  Finally, he insisted that his team enter and leave the field in lockstep fashion.  They still do this today and it is really cool to watch.

Of course, as we know Kansas has replaced K-State as the worst Power Conference team in America, but no one would have thought that on Saturday as KU students tore down the goal posts at Memorial Stadium.

Beating Texas for the first time since 1938 will do that. That’s right, it had been some 78 years since the Jayhawks had beaten the Horns…That kind of drought is what has made Cubs fans famous over the years.

Finally, I have a confession to make…I have always been a closet KU fan. The very first football game I ever attended was one at Lewis Field in Stillwater where Kansas was taking on the old Oklahoma Aggies.  KU beat the Ags on that day and I became a KU fan.

That day was special for me as a 12-year-old kid, but Saturday’s game was even better. Anytime Texas loses, it is a good day, but for them to lose to KU was fantastic.

At the same time OU fans must realize that good things sometimes come at a price.   With Charlie Strong losing to KU, his fate is sealed and he will likely be fired by this time next week.   Even more concerning is that Houston’s Tom Herman will take his place.  With the talent that Charlie has assembled in Austin, winning will return to UT as soon as next season.

More bad news may come in the form of Lincoln Riley becoming the top candidate to replace Herman at Houston. That would be the worst news of all…

Then again, let’s worry about that tomorrow. Today, let’s relish in the what Lincoln has done this year.  He has single-handedly created a three headed monster at OU…This offense will be hard to stop…

Boomer Sooner…


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